Introduction to online tool and navigation


Provide online solutions for some requirements or problems

Include solutions on this website or other website recommended or navigated by me.

  • Practical Features
  • Secure and Reliable
  • Excellent Quality
  • Simple to Use
  • Evaluation based on facts

These are the Features and Guiding Principles of online tool and navigation on this website.

They are the ideal, and the minimum principles are 'Practical Features' and 'Secure and Reliabe'.

  1. Find tool
  2. Find the tool to use in the bar of tool category or navigation, and click its name.
    The name of the tool being used is displayed in black.
  3. View Usage
  4. View usage tips on the tool page.
    There is a help link in the upper right corner, click it to refer to help document.
  5. Input data
  6. Input data in the input box according to the tool usage.
  7. Click button
  8. Click button of query or other operation.
  9. Examine Results
  10. Wait a moment, the results of the tool will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

The problems to solve as follows:

  • Problems of tool usability(find the tool you want and run it for use, let the solution be presented to you)
  • Problems of using tool easily(how to make the tools easier to use)
  • Problems of security issues when using tool(there will be no harm to you or your assets during or after using the tool)

This is a project for long-term investment, development and maintenance, and doing everything well is a gradual process.

If you have any ideas or find errors of the tools, please contact me:

Please refer to the document for details Introduction to online tool and navigation